How To Create  multiple site collections with new content databases 

To Create  multiple site  collections with new content databases , follow the bellow steps

1-  create web application  ex:

2 – from application management > manage web application

3 – select your web app and go to managed path

4 – inter the path and from type combo box select “Explicit inclusion” ex:

5 – create new content database using SharePoint management shell (run as admin)


New-SPContentDatabase -Name wss_Content_SharePoint-WebApplication
6 - create the new site collection by running the bellow powershell script

$url = "http://Developersportal.ner/Sharepoint"
$ContentDatabase = "wss_Content_SharePoint"
$WebsiteName = "Sharepoint"
$WebsiteDesc = "Sharepoint site"
$Template = "STS#1"
$PrimaryLogin = "developersportal\sp_farm"
$PrimaryDisplay = "sp_farm"
$PrimaryEmail = ""

New-SPSite -Url $url 
–ContentDatabase $ContentDatabase 
-Name $WebsiteName 
–Description $WebsiteDesc  
-Template $Template 
-OwnerAlias $PrimaryLogin 
–OwnerEmail $PrimaryEmail

Enjoy your new site collection

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